Our history

Elena Mitreva Ballet School opened its doors in 2016 and was based on traditions of the renowned Russian classical ballet. We offer classes for children and adults who are fascinated by the beauty of this dance and who are as passionate about it as we are.

Since its very beginning our school has been offering an opportunity to its wonderful students to study choreography, classical ballet as well as a modern one and later hold the IDTA (International Dance Teacher Association) exam. Our talented performers take part in various show productions and actively participate in charity events.

This has been a very busy and exciting time for our community but the world around us brings in new realia and 2020 has become a year of new challenges which we are bravely embracing. Our school is now offering a new format of education and online classes have been recently introduced which is a great way of broadening our options and give you various styles to choose from.

Together with you we are standing strong and united which is even more evident now when highly qualified, experienced teachers and coaches from Russia and other countries have joined our school.

We collaborate with the best in their field and welcome only most talented, passionate, reliable and trustworthy professionals, who successfully pass our highly selective recruiting process. They will be happy to assist you with choosing a class that is right for you and will give a valuable advice or provide a detailed consultation if you have any questions.

All our online classes take place at ZOOM platform and there is a limited number of students per each class. After each session a link to the video will be provided to students so you can practice at home for another week, after which it will automatically expire. This way your practice will be more efficient.

Our true goal is to create a place where we can help you to fill your life with exciting experience, bring positivity to your daily routine and boost your physical and emotional health.

If you are ready to meet likeminded, passionate people and to open a door to the exciting world of dance, seize this opportunity and join our school today!