IDTA exams

Elena Mitreva Ballet School provides IDTA syllabi in ballet and we also train our students to take the exams. Students with completed grades have advantage when applying for scholarships, apprenticeships or registering for sixth form or college.

Here you can find more information on that for better understanding of the exam’s purpose and its process.

The IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association) is one of the world’s largest dance examination boards. It is a well-recognised awarding organisation and a member of British Dance Council (BDC), Council of Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT), Federation of Dance Awarding Bodies (FDAB), Sport & Recreation Alliance (SRA) and Theatre Dance Council International (TDCI).

Initially students take Pre-Primary Ballet Grade exam and later progress towards Ballet Grade V. The exams usually take place every year or once in two years, depending on child’s current grade, and all our students are expected to take part in the exams.

The examination fees are set by IDTA and vary from one grade to another. The fees are not included into the terms’ fees and have to be paid separately.

The exams are performance based and conducted by a board of IDTA examiners qualified at Fellowship level in Theatre Branch and Ballet Subjects.

It must be noted that wearing school’s uniform during the exam is required and that parents and teachers are not allowed to be present during the examination.

Upon successful completion of the exam students are awarded with certificates and trophies and those will be provided to the school for further distribution at the ceremony which is usually held at the end of the session in parents’ presence.

All students are given a personal IDTA pin number after their first exam which can be used for further ballet education at any school teaching IDTA syllabi.