Rules and Regulations

Code of conduct

Elena Mitreva Ballet School seeks to maintain a pleasant and healthy educational atmosphere. For the safety of all students, the following rules will have to be strictly followed:

- No applicant is discriminated against on the basis of race, colour, nationality, gender or ethnicity.
- Students are expected to respect each other.
- Our school takes bullying very seriously and will take steps to effectively prevent it.
- Students should be respectful towards their teachers and classmates at all times.
- Students must not do or say anything that may be considered by others as obscene, immoral, harmful or offensive. Repeated incidents will be reported to parents.

As a school we reserve the right to withdraw a student from class for inappropriate, destructive, or unsafe behaviour without further refund.

Parental/Guardian Responsibilities

- It is the parents’/ guardian’s responsibility to keep student’s personal details updated with any changes.
- Please make sure all contact details are up to date by completing the registration form before your first lesson.
- Make sure your child is brought to class on time. Parents and students should be aware of their own class timetable. School timetable information is always available on the school’s website. You will be notified via email of any changes to the timetable.
- Children must be supervised at all-times before and after their classes and should wait quietly inside the dance studio.
- We must receive a timely written notice if a child under 14 will be traveling alone. - Children are not allowed to run around the hall before and after class.
- Please ensure your child has been to the toilet before class begins to avoid disruptions and unnecessary delays. Please inform your child there is no break during the class.
- NO chewing gam during classes.
- Parents/ Guardians are not allowed to be present during ballet classes.
- Elena Mitreva Ballet School does not permit photography without an authorisation of particular student, parent or teacher. No photographs, or recordings of classes or performances should be posted on any social media without the consent of Elena Mitreva Ballet School.
- There are no childcare facilities available after the classes. Parents must ensure a prompt collection of their children after classes is arranged. If a teacher is delayed because one of their students has not been collected on time, an additional charge of £25 will be incurred.

Uniform and Hair Style

- Students are required to attend classes in the right uniform. Any variations will not be accepted.
- No jewellery is allowed to be worn at any time.
- Make sure child’s kit is labelled.
- Hair is to be done in an appropriate style: picked up in a ponytail and curved in a ban.

Elena Mitreva Ballet School Show and Exams


All students are expected to take part in our Annual Show unless prior notice has been given. Elena Mitreva Ballet School requests all participants to fully commit to the rehearsals schedule and performance arrangements. Solo Choreography is studied in private lessons only.


Students will be put forward for ballet examinations by way of invitation only. This decision is made by the ballet teacher and is final. Students who have missed classes may be asked to take private lessons to catch up if necessary.

Health and Safety

The Safety and well-being of all students is the highest priority of Elena Mitreva Ballet School. Risk assessments of all venues are made regularly. In-house policies for each venue used for the classes are strictly followed. Any accident a child may have during class will immediately be dealt with and an Accident Form will be completed. You will be made aware of any accidents and we will ask you to sign the Accident Form.

Concerns or Complaints

It is our aim to make sure both parents and students are confident that any concerns/ complaints they may have will be taken seriously and dealt with promptly. School needs to be notified of any concerns via email, stating student’s full name and nature of the concern/ complaint. You will receive an acknowledgment of your concern raised and we would aim to have a formal response within five working days from the date of acknowledgement. Complaints/concerns raised via social media will not be acknowledged.

Physical contact

A teacher may use physical contact where appropriate in support of teaching process. Contact is made with the awareness of the needs of the individual student where corrections are necessary.


The fees are not refundable and must be paid in advance or not later than the second week of the first term. Late fees will incur a late payment charge of £25. If a child missed a class, there is an option to join another class instead.