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Does your child love to dance?
The unique Vaganova method – one of the best ballet techniques and training systems in the world
Try it now and decide later whether your child likes ballet or not
Specially designed for 3 years old
Builds up child’s body
Suitable for everyone – no need in having special innate ability
Our teachers – former professional ballet dancers
Ballet classes bring positive results. Always!
Flexible spine and lithe body
Good posture
Elegant ballet gait
Scoliosis and flat foot prevention and correction
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According to statistics, 80% of students study ballet because they love it and only 20 students out of 100 aim to become professional ballerinas

A lot of children improve such health issues like scoliosis and flat foot while studying ballet.

After only a few lessons one can already notice how posture improves, shoulders are set back, and they walk with their head high.

A person who carries oneself well always attracts an admiring glance!
Your child loves dancing? The best way to teach them would be under supervision of professional teachers.

It is important to sign up your child with a professional ballet school and not with an individual since parents rarely can determine qualification level of private teachers.

When joining our school, parents can rest assured, their child will receive a classical ballet education.

Our program is adapted for all levels and is suitable for very young students as well as for advanced ones
It is approved by International Dance Teacher’s Association (IDTA)
Key aim of our programme is to help children to develop harmoniously
Strengthen up and sculpture your body: exercise to maintain health
Improve your coordination, strengthen your body: learn to control your body, understand how it works
Expand your child’s outlook: our classes are delivered to classical music; we also educate our students on ballet history
Our students learn how to dance en point only from the age of 9-10, when they are physically ready to do so

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