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About EMBS
Our school was among those few who started to adjust Vaganova’s method for our youngest students. ‘Ballet for 3 y.o.’ is our special programme designed for those who just started doing their first steps in ballet.

EMBS - Elena Mitreva Ballet School | London, UK

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The programme was created with help from children psychologist, physiologist and ballet teachers with vast experience. This is a unique approach, and it helps our little students to gain confidence and enjoy ballet lessons.
Ballet for little ones
Our method of teaching the basics of the classical dance is based on the approach used in Classical Russian Ballet and is combined with modern ballet rhythmoplasty.

Music selected for the ballet class has its own role in the learning process. From the very beginning of child’s training, it helps to develop esthetical taste, evokes interest in classical music. Little children who just joined our school, get full emersion into the world of classical ballet and listening to Tchaikovsky or Saint-Saëns makes the whole process naturally interesting and inspiring.

The whole programme aims to help our students get all-around education in ballet.
Goals of the programme
Learn how to work in a group (communicational and collaborative skills development)

Learn how to focus on the process without parental presence (Smooth adaptation to independence)

Learn how to listen to the teacher and fulfil tasks (First self-discipline skills development)

Learn how to remember dance movements while listening to music (memory skills improvement, creative thinking development)

Overall physical training and improvement of body coordination and many more extra benefits.
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