Dress Code:

  • Rosettes – Primary: rose-skirted leotard, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes
  • Grade 1 -4: mulberry leotard, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes

Hair has to be styled on a knot on top of the head. Hair should not cover the forehead, ears, or neck. Hair clips are to be of a similar colour to the child’s hair.

Ballet Bun for the Exam. Tutorial.

  • All students are to arrive on Friday May 24th at the appointed time:

Group “Tuesday 4:30pm” – 4:30 pm

Group “Friday 4:30mp” –  4:30 pm

Group “Friday 5:30pm” – 5:00 pm

Group “Tuesday 5:30pm” – 5:30 pm 

We will let the children in through the entrance at the reception of Haven Green Baptist Church, W5 2UP. Please do not use the intercome to entry. Children will be collected from the reception at the appointed time. Please do not be late.

  • To All Parents

A huge request – enter only if you need to use the loo. Only a smaller toilet will be available.
Make sure scooters and buggies are parked appropriately and do not block the passage.

To avoid chaos and welter please make sure all students have their hair styled at home and they put the uniform on before arriving at the event. In case you won’t have an opportunity to do so, you will have an opportunity to help them change at the reception. However, please, try to arrive fully prepared.


Children, wearing a uniform of other schools or ballet associations will not be admitted and the exam fee will not be refunded.

Other Thing to be in Mind:

  • All students need to go to the loo before the exam.
  • Uniform must be clean and presentable. Make sure all the elastic bands are attached properly.
  • If your ballet shoes have laces, tie them into a bow and fasten.
  • Underwear should not peek out the leotard. It’s best if undies are of the skin colour with a high waist and high leg. You might use those later for our performances.
  • Also, find time to sign your child’s water bottle to avoid further mix up and do not fill it up to the brim. Give the bottle to your child one before they enter the exam.


Group “Friday 4:30 pm” – 5:25 pm

Group “Tuesday 4:30 pm” – 5:25 pm

Group “Friday 5:30 pm” – 6:00 pm

Group “Tuesday 5:30 pm” – 6:30 pm

Please note that this is an approximate time, and we kindly ask you to wait in the reception area until the children are released.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please follow the links to practice at home.

Primary Grade – Music

Grade II – Music

Grade II –  Free Enchainement & Improvisation


Please be advised that regular classes will not be held on May 24th.