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EMBS Rules/ Nursery Group

Dear Parents

This time we’ve got some very important information for you.

As you know, we do appreciate your support and everything that you do to help our little students and we would like to continue relying on your timely participation in our ballet school’s life.

Today we’d like to talk about our Nursery groups and the educational process in all of them.

Ms Elena kindly shared some information on how lessons are structured and what she focuses on to get the best result for all our little ones.

Firstly and most importantly, our school values individual approach to teaching from the very early age of the students.
There is a massive difference in their characters, ability to process new material and their unique personalities. Students join the school all year round and that we also bear in mind when facilitating our lessons.

Ms Elena prioritises and plays around with the material to have all children engaged into the process, therefore the time and structure of the lesson may vary from 45 to 60 minutes.
That is done to keep their interest at high level and make sure every one in the group enjoys the process and at the same time they learn how to behave, absorb new information and develop new skills. It’s all about mindful practicing and our aim is to make sure our young dancers are physically and psychologically ready for the next level.

It is highly important for young children to get support not only from their teacher but from their loving parents in the first place.
Here, we’d like to kindly ask you to give them some space and keep it quiet during the lesson, so they are not distracted.
It would be very much appreciated if parents wait till Ms Elena announces the end of the lesson and wait patiently outside of the class.

There’s one other little request from our part and that’s about being present in the class.
Though we understand the importance of support during first couple of lessons of the newly joined students, we still would insist on giving children an opportunity to focus on the lesson and therefore would appreciate if a parent/ guardian waits outside the room but doesn’t wander far during first month. That will help our students enormously and will make the whole experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Thank you very much for helping us do our job at the highest level!