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Online ballet classes

«Elena Mitreva Ballet School» @emballetschool presents online ballet classes for adults.🖐️

During the pandemic and ongoing lockdown, it is most important to support yourself and allocate time for something you would enjoy, especially when that something could also help you to be in a great shape for the (hopefully) approaching summer holidays.

👍We welcome ladies of all age groups and with absolutely different levels of experience.

There is a variety of classes to suit any taste!

They are designed to combine effective 🙋‍♀️exercises from classical ballet, 👯‍♂️modern dance,💃 jazz,👯‍♂️ Pilates and 💃yoga.

All the classes include training for your back, legs, hips and arms. And there’s also amazing music and atmosphere that make our classes unique and special.

Those of you who have already tried, know what I’m talking about but even if you’re new to this, please, do not hesitate and sign up!

What to look forward to:
🔹We will straighten up our spine and that is important not only for a good posture.
🔹A healthy spine is a pledge to our body health.
🔹We will work on our hips and glute muscles,
🔹Add tone to our arms,
🔹And will do a lot of stretching and bending to help our bodies stay young and strong as long as possible.

Intensity of our classes matches training at the gym but ours are also more versatile.
We will move a lot, we will dance and learn how to listen to our body, how to deeply feel it.
☝️Do sign up! It will be great fun!