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Meet our little stars!

Meet our little stars!🌟🌟🌟

📣18 December we took part in a Christmas Show organised by the theatre group 'Malenkaya Strana'🎉

This photo perfectly demonstrates 👍emotions and excitement our young dancers express when they perform on stage.

You can feel those too - all the edginess and heart-beat and emotional🎁 uplift of everyone who was involved in creating such a wonderful show.

This is an annual interactive performance organised by the theatre before Christmas and we are proud to be part of it. 

For our young stars it’s an experience to remember as they did extremely well and we can’t help but smile when look at their happy, content faces here. 🩰Well done girls!

All who were present at the concert were impressed by it, as there was a lot of great moments to remember.

✨We would like to thank everyone, who supported us!

⛄🎆It is wonderful to know that when we teach our students to be focused on their goals and work hard to be able to perform on stage one day, and then watch it happening - there is no better gift for students, parents and teachers!

Dream big and your❄️ dream will come true!