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Primary Ballet Grade IDTA is an introductory level of ballet training designed for young dancers with little to no prior experience. However, this program focuses on building a solid foundation in ballet technique, posture, coordination, and musicality. The grade introduces children to basic ballet positions and movements. All exercises lay the groundwork for more advanced levels of dance.

In Primary Ballet Grade, students learn the fundamental principles of classical ballet. These including the five basic positions of the feet, pliés, tendus, relevés, and simple allegro (jumping) steps. We place emphasis on developing proper body alignment, flexibility, and grace. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to express themselves artistically. Children develop a sense of musicality as they explore different rhythms and dynamics.

The grade ensures a safe and nurturing environment. It is fostering a love for dance and a sense of accomplishment as young dancers progress through the grade. The grade serves as an essential stepping stone for aspiring ballet dancers. The grade provides a solid base upon which they can build their skills and pursue higher levels of ballet training. Whether it’s a child’s first venture into the world of dance or a pre-professional path, Primary Ballet Grade IDTA sets the stage for a fulfilling journey in the art form of ballet.

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One Lesson, 4 Weeks, Term

Ballet classes west London, primary
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