19 August – 30 August
Summer Ballet Workshop

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Summer Ballet Camp for children aged 4 to 9 is a captivating adventure that sparks creativity, The camp also cultivates discipline, and fosters a love for the arts. The sessions run one to five days a week. The young dancers have the perfect opportunity to explore the magical world of ballet in a supportive and safe environment. Do they dream of twirling like a prima ballerina or simply wish to have fun dancing? This camp promises to be an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and artistic growth.

As the sun’s warm rays envelop the world, summer brings with it a special treat for children aged 4 to 9 – the enchanting Summer Ballet Camp. This creative haven allows little dancers to explore the captivating world of ballet while nurturing their passion for movement and expression. With a program tailored to their age group, the camp runs one to five days a week. The camp offers a delightful dance adventure like no other.

Beyond Dance

At the Summer Ballet Camp, children embark on an exciting journey where creativity knows no bounds. Led by experienced teacher who possess a deep love for ballet, young participants are gently introduced to the art form. The children will be taught fostering their innate sense of expression and grace. Through interactive and age-appropriate sessions, children learn the fundamental techniques of ballet.  That includes basic positions, movements, and coordination exercises, all while having fun and making new friends.
The camp not only teaches children the joy of dance but also installs essential life skills. As they develop their ballet abilities, children also build self-confidence, discipline, and perseverance. These traits are nurtured in a positive and supportive environment, encouraging each child to embrace challenges and achieve personal milestones. The ballet camp experience sets the foundation for future pursuits, whether in dance or any other aspect of life.

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