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4 Weeks ONLY! 15 August – 11 September
Summer Ballet Workshop
60 minutes class, 6 days a week
at A Little Me Time cafe
Because our unique programme based on Vaganova method includes variety of techniques which will help you to master what you have already learned, to perfect your body’s plasticity and teaches you self-discipline to be able to easily achieve your goals. Moreover, our daily sessions, filled with classical music will help you to relax and stay focused at the same time. Our ballet camp is one of the best ways to take a break from the city buzz and be filled with positive energy.
Why our Summer camp is your new level of dancing skills?
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Who this camp is for?
Any level of experience,
age from 4 - 9 y.o.
Current ballet students and those who want to try our programme

Meeting new people and getting professional support
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The workshops will be presented by Elena Mitreva personally and it will take place at @alittlemetimelondon

WhatsApp: +44 773 389 9024
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58 The Mall, London W5 3TA