Terms & Dates 2023-2024

Christmas Performance: 17th December 2023 (To be confirmed)
Examination Day: 24th May 2024
End of Year Performance: 6th July 2024 (5:30pm)

The last week of the Summer Term is the week of giving out Certificates and Awards

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Essential Questions: The questions parents should ask themselves

Essential Questions: The questions parents should ask themselves Ballet classes are a highly popular activity chosen by many parents for their children. If you’re considering enrolling your child in ballet classes, we encourage you to read this article that will help you to consider essential questions. This article is not


On the Day of the Exam

Preparing for the Exam On the day of the exam, all participants arrive at the designated time and gather at the reception. It’s better for them to wear their uniforms at home, as parents don’t allow entry inside. The uniform should be clean and tidy. Avoid wearing torn stockings and


Ballet Exam. What it is needed for

Ballet exams provide a clear goal, feedback, and progress tracking.

Events News

Ballet is a Passion and Friendship

The budding talents of our dancers once again graced the stage at Nazareth House on March 16th