Ballet Classes West London

Holistic approach to the fitness

Each session is thoroughly designed with one purpose in mind – for you to enjoy the ballet and reach an ultimate result with help from professional teacher






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More about our adults ballet classes:

What to expect?

Sessions 1-3
30 min floor exercises aimed at straightening the core, legs, and arms. 10 min ballet jumps. 5 min barre work. 10 min stretching
Sessions 4-6
20 min floor exercises. 10 min barre work aimed at developing coordination, balance, and artistry. 5 min jumps. 10 min stretching
Sessions 7-9
10 min floor warm-up. 20 min barre ballet exercises. 5 min adagio and rotation. 10 min ballet jumps. 10 min stretching.
Sessions 10-12
30 min ballet barre exercises. 10 min adagio and turns. 10 min jumps. 5 min stretching

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