Please consider the following information to ensure a smooth experience

Christmas carols are musical compositions of a religious nature, that are traditionally performed during the Christmas season. These songs are associated with the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and the joyous atmosphere of the holiday. Carols can vary widely in style, from solemn hymns to joyful and lively tunes. They carry a message of hope, peace, love, and goodwill, reflecting the spirit of the festive season.


Children should arrive at Amherst Church’s Hall by 4:00 PM, with hair styled and dressed in ballet tights, a ballet leotard, and, if needed, a ballet cardigan.

We kindly request parents to adhere to the dress code and refrain from including outfit cardigans and leggings.

We ask that you ensure your children refrain from wearing jewelry and having polished nails.

The rehearsal in the hall is scheduled to commence at 16:10 – 16:30. We kindly request that all parents wait outside the hall during this time.

The children will wait for their turn backstage. After their performance, they will be allowed to join you in the audience.


Costumes will be available on-site after the rehearsal and prior to the concert. No deposit is necessary.

Please dress your child in the costume in the hall. Elena will be available to assist you. Please ensure your child uses the restroom before assisting them in putting on the costume.

Please be advised that for this rehearsal, we kindly request you not to bring food or snacks for your children, as we aim to maintain a clean environment for our performers in their white costumes. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The costumes must be returned on the same day following the performance.

Additional Information

This is a free event, and parents, and relatives are welcome to attend the performance, commencing at 5:00 PM.

You’re invited to join the audience once you’ve finished dressing your child. Seats are limited, so please visit the link to register. You do not neet to register your chill who is participating in the performance.

Please note, there will be a livestream of the performance that everyone can see on YouTuBe.

Please fill out the registration form if you would like your child to participate in the Christmas Carols.

Registration Form for Carols

Contact us HERE if you have any issues or questions