Date: March 16th (Saturday)
Meet Up Time: 12 PM
Arrival Time: Aproximatelly 5:30 PM

This is a reminder that on this Saturday, the 16th, we have a charity dance performance. Please inform us if you are not able to attent.

Please consider the information below and contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions.

• Transportation: We will meet up at Ealing Broadway Underground station at 12 PM and take public transport, presumably the District Line, to get to the event. If TFL is going on strike, we will use public buses. We kindly ask everybody not to be late as we are getting the train at 12:05 pm.

• Costumes: Costumes will be provided on-site before the concert and there is no deposit required.

• Dress Code: Children should arrive with their hair styled and wear ballet tights and leggings. Please, dress your child in clothing with front buttons or zippers that are easy to put on and take off without damaging the hairstyle. Please pack  ballet shoes and water bottle in a bag and don’t forget to bring a plastic bag for children to store their outdoor clothes and shoes.

Hairstyle: We kindly ask for your assistance in ensuring your child’s hairstyle for the ballet performance is elegant, neat, and reflective of the grace of ballet, to enhance the overall presentation and experience for all involved. Visit the ballet bun tutorial for guidance.

• Refreshment: After the concert children will be offered complementary sandwiches, snacks and beverages.

• After the performance children will be taken to the Nazaret House Sanctuary to take photos in the Easter-themed setting. 

• Arrival and Collection: After the event concludes, we will send a WhatsApp message to the contact number you provided when registering your child. That message will inform you that we are about to begin our journey back to the collection pointe – Ealing Broadway Undeground Station.

Plese, keep this information on hand as a reminder for the performance day.

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