Satin Full Sole

  • Perfect for any dance class or production.
  • Complete with pre attached elastic on both sides.
  • We advise when ordering this shoe to go down one size from your regular UK size. This is a general guideline only, individual sizing may vary.
  • Material: Canvas
  • Sole: Leather
  • Lining: Cotton
  • Contact Us if you are unsure about the size to order


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Wearing ballet shoes is essential for children in ballet classes to provide foot protection, promote proper technique, and enhance their overall dance experience. They not only offer physical support and stability but also contribute to the aesthetics and traditions of this beautiful and disciplined art form.

Thet Are Not Like Outdoor Shoes.

Ballet shoes are purposefully designed to be quite different from everyday outdoor shoes. They are not meant for the rough and tumble of the playground. Instead, ballet shoes serve as an extension of a dancer’s feet, allowing for precise movement and control. They are meant to fit like a second skin, showcasing the elegance and grace of the dancer’s form.

The Importance of a Snug Fit

The proper fit of ballet shoes is critical for a young dancer’s development. Here’s why:

Support: A snugly fitting ballet shoe provides essential support to the foot’s arch and metatarsals. It helps maintain proper alignment and minimizes the risk of injury.

Control: Ballet requires precise control of the foot and toes. Loose shoes can lead to a lack of control, which can result in poor technique and diminished progress.

Aesthetics: Well-fitting ballet shoes contribute to the overall aesthetic of a performance. Loose shoes can make the dancer’s feet appear clumsy and unrefined.

Growth Considerations

While it’s true that children’s feet can grow rapidly, buying ballet shoes that are excessively large to accommodate potential growth is counterproductive. Dancers should aim for a snug but not constricting fit. Many ballet shoes are available with an adjustable drawstring or elastic that can be loosened or tightened as needed, allowing for some flexibility as the child’s feet grow.

Consult with a Professional

When in doubt about sizing, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional, such as a dance teacher or a specialized dance store salesperson. They can provide guidance on selecting the right size and type of ballet shoe for your child’s specific needs.



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Ballet classes west London, shoe size
Ballet classes west London, ballet shoes
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