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Grade 2 IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) is an enchanting and fundamental level of ballet training. The grade designed for young dancers who have already acquired a solid foundation in ballet basics. This grade builds upon the principles learned in Grade 1.  The grade introduces dancers to more intricate movements, steps, and combinations, fostering their artistic expression and technical development.

In Grade 2, students will continue to focus on mastering their posture, alignment, and turnout, as well as enhancing their understanding of musicality and rhythm. The syllabus incorporates a diverse range of exercises and routines to enhance flexibility, coordination, and strength, further refining their ballet technique.

Throughout this level, dancers will explore graceful movements across the floor, elegant adagios, lively allegros, and charming pirouettes. They will also be introduced to the delicate art of port de bras (arm movements) and learn how to execute them with poise and fluidity.
As the second step in their ballet journey, Grade 2 IDTA enables students to take a significant leap forward in their artistic expression and provides a solid groundwork for future dance endeavours. With the guidance of qualified instructors, young dancers will not only cultivate their ballet skills but also develop discipline, confidence, and a deep appreciation for the timeless art of ballet.

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One Lesson, 4 Weeks, Term

Ballet classes west London, grade 2
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