Examination Day. A Journey of Ballet

Examination Day

Examination Day Delight: A Symphony of Achievement and Anticipation

Every year, on the final day of the spring term, our students engage in examination day. We deliberately select this day. After nine months of dedicated work, everyone has ample time to prepare thoroughly. The days lengthen, and the sun shines brighter, infusing more energy and enthusiasm. Two weeks of vacation lie ahead, providing children with a well-deserved opportunity to unwind. This period allows them to replenish both their mental and physical reserves for the upcoming annual concert at the close of the summer semester.

Unique Rules and Discipline

Therefore, on the last operational day of the spring semester, examination day serves as a compelling reason to conclude on a positive note. The warm and radiant day imparts a sense of joy, contributing to the event’s lightness and beauty. We aim to leverage these elements to make this day even more memorable and meaningful. Examination day for both children and parents stands distinct from ordinary days. We uphold different rules and foster a unique attitude. It demands heightened discipline and responsibility from everyone involved. Punctuality is paramount for children; tardiness is not tolerated during examinations. Parents are expected not to overlook the uniform or neglect their children’s hairstyles. Failure to adhere to these expectations may necessitate a return home for the uniform or on-the-spot hairstyling in the corridor. Furthermore, the uniform must be immaculate, as any neglect could adversely affect the child’s examination grade.

We meticulously plan the group schedules, taking into consideration the age and experience of the children. In any case, children learn to patiently and quietly await their turn. Parents also wait patiently, as the precise conclusion time of their child’s examination remains uncertain. Lateness may result in a situation where there is no one available to escort the child back to their parents, necessitating a joint wait until the conclusion of the subsequent group’s examination. Despite these potential inconveniences, the prevailing atmosphere remains one of pride for both the children and their parents.


Examination day represents a valuable experience and the culminating stage of a particular phase. Numerous diverse examinations lie ahead, each progressively challenging technically but emotionally more manageable. This trajectory reflects the correlation between increasing professionalism and growing self-confidence, offering significant opportunities for personal and academic development.

We extend congratulations to all those who completed their examinations on the May, 24th. May your journey be adorned with resplendent success and may your holidays be filled with bountiful joy. As we look ahead, a vibrant tapestry of six weeks unfolds before us, where they shall prepare for a performance that will be nothing short of grand.

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