• Simply ballet socks which are perfect choice for dance students
  • Great price and excellent quality!
  • The sizes in order of smallest to largest are: Child 6 – 8.5 (US 6.5-9.5) Child 9 -12 (US 9.5-13) Child 12.5 – 3.5 (US 13-5.5) Adult 4 – 7 (US 6-9)
  • ¬†Fabric: 100% Nylon
  • Keep away from fire. Do not wear for long periods of time as costume is designed as dancewear.


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Ballet socks serve as a valuable and practical accessory for children in ballet classes, providing protection, comfort, and support. In ballet classes, children wear ballet socks for specific reasons that cater to their foot protection, temperature regulation, hygiene and cleanliness.


C6-C8.5, C9-C12, C12.5-3.5, 4-7

Ballet classes west London, ballet dress bag
Ballet classes west London, ballet socks
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