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Essential Questions: The questions parents should ask themselves

Essential Questions: The questions parents should ask themselves Ballet classes are a highly popular activity

On the Day of the Exam

Preparing for the Exam On the day of the exam, all participants arrive at the

The Impact of Ballet Examinations

The Impact of Ballet Examination The impact of ballet examinations is multifaceted. It is encompassing

Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program is our way of expressing gratitude to our dedicated students and their

Your Feedback Matters – A Chance to Win

To all parents and adult learners: Your feedback matters greatly to us! We invite you

Daily Exercises – Wellness for Kids!

Daily Exercises – Part One Daily Exercises – Part Two Embark on a journey of

Guiding to Your First Ballet Class

It is always exciting for children to attend their first ballet class. If you have

Want Your Kid to Make Quick Progress in Ballet?

Want your kid to make quick progress in ballet? Take classes as much as possible.

Parental Support and Involvement

The level of parental support and involvement greatly influences a child development. Parents play a

The Vitality of the First Class

The vitality of the first class. What does it mean for us? Rediscovering the world

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