Daily Exercises – Wellness for Kids!

Daily Exercises – Part One

Daily Exercises – Part Two

Embark on a journey of health and joy this half-term break by incorporating daily exercises into your children’s routine! As we approach the upcoming break, let’s make sure that every child enjoy a healthy and active holiday. We encourage parents to create memories by getting their kids involved in daily exercises during the break. This will be a positive way to channel children’s energy and instill the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle.

We’ve put together a collection of exercise videos featuring familiar routines and music. Basically, this makes it easy for kids to stay active right in the comfort of their homes. With the extended break from school, these videos serve as a valuable resource for children to prioritize their physical well-being. Now is the perfect opportunity for parents to motivate their kids to stay active by incorporating these exercise videos into their daily routine. These exercises offer a fantastic way for kids to burn off energy and take care of their physical health.

Our exercises not only promote physical well-being effectively but also aim to integrate daily physical activity as an essential and enjoyable part of children’s routines. The familiar routines and accompanying music ensure that children can confidently engage in the activities without requiring constant supervision.

A Fun Fact:

In the videos, you’ll spot our former student Elizaveta. She helped in creating these videos during the challenging times of the COVID-19. Additionally, we designed them specifically for children to enjoy during the lockdown. Moreover, she was the only student present at the last in-person class before the lockdown. Elizaveta’s contribution holds special significance, leading to the development of a resource that continues to benefit children to this day.

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