Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program is our way of expressing gratitude to our dedicated students and their families. We understand the commitment it takes to pursue ballet. Moreover, we want to ensure that every step of the journey is filled with joy and encouragement.

At our school, we believe in the magic of dance and the power of fostering lifelong connections. Our commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive community that thrives on values of dedication and camaraderie. In line with our ethos, we delight in introducing our carefully crafted loyalty program, designed to acknowledge and reward the commitment and relationships of our young dancers and their families.

Bring-a-Friend Bonus:

Within the realm of dance, the act of sharing the artistry and joy is an experience that we want to celebrate. When a current student introduces a friend to the world of dance at our ballet school, both the existing and new students receive a 10% discount for the next term. It’s a wonderful way to encourage the spirit of friendship and make the journey into ballet even more memorable.

Ballet Camp Champions:

Our half-term ballet camps as intensive educational opportunities. Moreover, they are also are also a pathway to extra rewards! Students who have completed four camps earn a well-deserved 5% discount for the upcoming term. This particular facet of our loyalty program underscores our commitment to recognizing and rewarding the dedication exhibited by our students, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

At our school, we strive to create an environment where passion for ballet flourishes, friendships blossom, and dreams take flight. Join us in celebrating the beauty of dance, the warmth of community, and the rewards of loyalty. Together, let’s continue to pirouette into a future filled with shared moments and graceful achievements.

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