On the Day of the Exam

Preparing for the Exam

On the day of the exam, all participants arrive at the designated time and gather at the reception. It’s better for them to wear their uniforms at home, as parents don’t allow entry inside. The uniform should be clean and tidy. Avoid wearing torn stockings and dirty ballet shoes. Teach your children to be neat. Hairstyles should be much nicer than on regular days. If you regularly do your child’s hair for each class, it won’t be difficult to do it for the exam. However, if you don’t take the hairstyle requirement seriously enough, it may not turn out as beautiful as it should be. But don’t worry, this is only your first attempt, and the more your children participate in exams and concerts, the better you will get at it.

Hair and Accessories

Growing out bangs is preferable. This will make it easier to do a ballet hairstyle, and during performances, there won’t be a shadow falling on the eyes, no feeling of a shortened face, and your child will look more presentable in photos. Avoid using multicolored hairpins and rubber bands. Make it a rule that all hair accessories should match the hair color. Use hairspray or gel. On a special day, there should be a special hairstyle. Never paint your child’s nails for the exam, even if you have a nail polish that matches the swimsuit. Never wear earrings, even if they match the swimsuit perfectly. Just accept this as a rule. Believe me, if every child wears their beautiful earrings, the group won’t visually look like one organism, which creates a sense of professionalism.

Preparing for Arrival

Pay attention to the ribbons on ballet shoes. If the ballet shoes fit well without ribbons, please remove them. Otherwise, tie them neatly, tuck them inside the ballet shoes, and, ideally, secure them with threads. We advise you to do all the preparations in front of your child. This will be a visual confirmation that you, as a parent, support your child’s passion and set an example of how to prepare for exams.

Arrival and Instructions

Remember, if you’re even 5 minutes late, you might miss the exam because once the children are inside, you won’t have access. The bell will turn off. You won’t be able to contact anyone either because the teacher’s phone will be unavailable. Behind the doors, children receive final instructions before entering the exam hall.

Identification and Grouping

Each child, if they are Rosettes, will receive a butterfly pin. All butterflies are of different colors. Based on these colors, the examiner distinguishes the participants. If a child is taking the Pre-Primary grade or higher, they will have different symbols attached for the examiner’s identification. Children are divided into groups. Rosettes are led into the exam by their teacher.

During the Exam

The main requirement for Rosettes is to attentively follow the teacher’s instructions. Children taking the Pre-Primary grade enter the hall independently and take their positions. The examiner may ask them questions to get to know the children better and lighten the atmosphere. Children demonstrate the exercises they’ve learned in class. From Grade 2 onwards, the examiner checks their knowledge of ballet terminology. Terminology isn’t learned from textbooks; the fewer classes a child misses, the more familiar they become with the terminology.

After the Exam

After the final exercise – the reverence – children leave the hall, and the teacher hands them over to their parents through the reception door. From that moment, everyone is free. Exam results will be available approximately 6 weeks later. We expect them by the last lesson of the summer semester, when we distribute them to all exam participants.

Certificates and Membership

For Rosettes, there are two Rosettes and two certificates (as we prepare Rosettes according to two templates). For Pre-Primary and higher, children receive personalized desk displays and certificates. Everyone who takes the exam for the first time receives a membership card with a personal number. Upon reaching middle school, your children will be assigned a unique student number, which you will need to provide to us. The ballet association will link your child’s achievements to this number, which will be visible when applying to any educational institution.

If you’ve read this far and have any questions, please ask them here; we’ll definitely answer them.

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