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Some people may say it is hard to tell if a child would be keen to dance and if ballet is the right choice. But we are confident, children will love it!

How do we know? Because we speak from our own experience. We know how to engage children and how to evoke love for ballet in their young hearts.

But of course, better see for oneself and sign up your little ones for a trial lesson. ☺👍 Let them have that unique experience of ballet dance during the class at our school. Then you can decide together if you would like them to join.

Parents can have a chance to watch a trial lesson and see how it is designed. They also will see what our students are being taught. There is no need in strict uniform for the trial class and a t-shirt and shorts would be a good choice. But of course, some girls would really love to have a leotard on, and we can advise parents on the best shops to look for one.

After the first lesson you will see for yourself how your child is fascinated by the dance. But more importantly, ballet is also the art that has a great effect on children’s health and overall wellbeing.

Please, don’t be shy and ask questions. We will be happy to answer!

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